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PRINt, EBOOK & Distribution

The World of Printing!



Having an ebook can increase your sales sizably. PipStones believes that an ebook, along with your print book is essential. Don't forget that we live in an age where technology is used by hundreds of millions of people. We want to reach the "techie" reader, too.

Allow PipStones to create a beautiful, eye-catching ebook. We are able to upload to Amazon, Ingramspark, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Apple Books, Google Books, and others.

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POD stands for Print on Demand. It is a term widely used for printing as many books as you want. You could print 1 or 2,000 if you'd like. These services are comparable in price to other printers, and your author copies can be fulfilled within 2-4 weeks. Amazon, and Ingramspark are POD printers.

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We work with a collection of professional printers around the United States. This type of printing service is important for an author who would like to purchase in bulk. The higher the quantity, the less expensive the books will be.

If you are an author who has many people in your circle to sell to, your website sales are "poppin'," or you are planning several book signing events, this is the choice for you! You won't have to wait for your author copies and you know your books are exactly how you want them. 


Not only should you be distributing your personal printed books to your local stores and libraries, but worldwide retailers as well. This is where Amazon and Ingramspark, and Draft2Digital come into play. Each of these have a full-bloom avenue into getting your book out to the world. We are able to create and mangage these accounts for you. (See Page: Marketing under Services on the tab at the top)

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