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Abigail Turner:
Marketing & Sales
Publishing Specialist

My name is Abigail.  I am a mom, wife, writer, publisher, marketer, and editor. My purpose is in helping authors in their meaningful endeavors.

It is a humbling and exhilarating experience working with such dynamic authors/artists in helping get their message out to the world! 

I work with each author to create an amazing book and foundational pieces for their book journey! Blending all the parts of publishing and marketing in one place allows the author the freedom to continue writing. Here are a few things that I do on a daily basis with authors and their books:

1. Editing

2. Formatting/Design

3. Distribution

4. Social Media Posts

5. Design Book Posters, Bookmarks, and Business Cards

6. Set Up Interviews

7. Make Contacts for book sales and book signings

8. Create Sales Sheets designed for each business

9. Submit Books for YouTube channels & Podcasts

10. Work with our team of reviewers for new and past books

11. Social Media Basics Training/Administering

12. Help design a book launch

13. Regular meetings with the author by phone and email.

14. Publish New Print Books/Ebooks & Re-Publish Older Books/Ebooks 

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