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Joshua Kreiser was stripped of his life by a hit-and-run driver. His mother, Ida Marie Kreiser, is left in anguish. With intense tenacity and determination, she refuses to allow her son to become a mere statistic in a database.

Initially, Ida sets forth to bring awareness of the tragedy and the prevalence of hit-and-run “accidents.” Due to many of the cruel situations she encountered and the research she compiled, her efforts evolved into writing her debut book, In Search of Justice.

The story of Ida’s life journey is an impactful healing guide to the broken-hearted and those with a wounded spirit. Her brave and transparent words cause others to identify with her quest to find solace through faith and perseverance. When justice doesn’t arrive immediately, peace is the greater gift that sustains the soul.

In Search of Justice is Ida’s strong but tender message, allowing the reader to experience emotional freedom and dramatic change.

In Search of Justice

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