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An emotional shockwave rocks Oak City and the University. One of their own, Adlin Summers, has been murdered. The police interviews only reveal tributes to the purity of Adlin’s life and her faith. All efforts by the investigators produce zero suspects and no leads. The case remains inexplicable, like a gap in the paradigm of reality. 

Deidre Summers, a skilled undercover officer, finds herself wrapped in a blanket of rage. Months of no justice for her sister, Adlin, have infuriated her. Lone whispers pierce Dee Dee’s shattered identity and set her on a path to find and exterminate the killer. 

The Lieutenant in charge, DJ Tanner, has seen depravity many times, but nothing like the Summers case. A line has been crossed— certain details in the crime scene are humanly impossible. Led by his gut instincts, DJ Tanner knows the Evil hasn’t left Oak City and that there’s much more!  

The clock is ticking, and a deadline has been set. Will Dee Dee and Tanner join forces with an unexpected team to uncover the truth and avert the ultimate plan of Evil before it’s too late?  

Except A Seed

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