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Silver Leaf Marketing:

Your local brick and mortar stores are awaiting your arrival! As they are providing exposure to authors, you are bringing in community customers. Connecting your local radio and television interviews to your book signings are a great way to provide sales opportunities and advertisement for all involved.   

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Silver Leaf Plan: Local Brick & Mortar Marketing

The goal of the Silver Plan is to provide you with great avenues to sell your books via radio, newspaper, and through local stores. You will connect with actual readers from your surrounding communities.

Silver Leaf Implementation:

  • Radio Interviews

  • Newspaper Interviews

  • Local Book Store Sales

  • Local Book Store Author Signings

  • Preparation for Signings & Interviews

  • Sales Sheets for Local Stores

  • Posters for Signings

  • Business Cards

  • Full Contact List for Local Marketing



  • The Silver Plan includes 4 weeks of 2 postings per week across our 3 social media sites. That's 24 FREE postings about you and your books!

  • We also include your book cover on our PipStones Publishing website with its link to purchase! 

Plan Pricing: Call or email for a quote! Includes FREE ADVERTISING

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