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Purple Leaf Marketing: 

Although social and local marketing are essential to book sales and success, there is another leaf to producing readers.

Amazon, Goodreads, Awards, & Reviews are just another addition to help push your works to the top of the marketing industry. 

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Purple Leaf Plan: Beyond Local & Social Marketing

The goal of the Purple Leaf Plan is to provide the author with opportunities for their book to receive awards, five-star reviews, and author page set-ups or touch-ups on Amazon and Goodreads.


Purple Leaf Implementation:

  • Awards: Entrance into at least 5 book award contests

  • Complete list of Award Entries

  • 15 Guaranteed Honest Consumer Reviews for your book uploaded to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  • Author Central & KDP on Amazon Set-Up

  • Amazon Seller's Account Set-Up

  • Ingramspark Account Set-Up

  • Goodreads Author Account Set-Up

  • Goodreads Set-Up for Book Giveaway and recommendations for postings

  • Upload Books To Amazon, and Ingramspark


  • The Purple Plan includes 4 weeks of 2 postings per week across our 3 social media sites. That's 24 FREE postings about you and your books!

  • We also include your book cover on our PipStones Publishing website with its link to purchase! 

Plan Pricing: Call or email for a quote! Includes FREE ADVERTISING

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