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Gold Leaf Marketing:

In a time where the internet is always running its course, it is vital that you have a strong social media presence and the ability to connect with your fans and readers! The more that people see your message the more apt they are to listen and follow. Did you know than on average, it takes a child 17 times to learn something, and that number is even higher for adults? If you can allow your book to be seen two, three, or even four times, we equate that into sales. Imagine if it were seen 50 or 1,000 times?

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Gold Leaf Plan: Social Media Marketing

The goal of the Gold Leaf Plan is to get your book into the hands of as many readers as possible; to extend your writings beyond friends and family. In this plan you will learn the leaves of social media marketing across the 3 social media giants (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). You will gain the knowledge and ability to float across them with ease!

Gold Leaf Implementation:

  • Creating an Author Profile on Facebook, X, & Instagram

  • How to create a fanbase

  • How to bolster & interact with your fan base, readers & target market

  • How to interact with writer's groups and promotional groups

  • How to create and use Facebook and Instagram ads

  • How to create and use content and when are the prime times to post on each platform

  • How to create videos and do live videos on platforms

  • Understanding and using hashtags

  • Administering your social media accounts

  • Creation of Professional posts and advertising content


  • The Gold Plan includes 4 weeks of 2 postings per week across our 3 social media sites. That's 24 FREE postings about you and your books!

  • We also include your book cover on our website with its link to purchase! 

Plan Pricing: Call or email for a quote! Includes FREE ADVERTISING

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